Motion Platform Kits

Motion Platform Kits


Raven-6D is the world’s only development kit for custom Stewart platform designers that provides a flexible, simple to use and cost effective solution with unmatched features. The Raven Motion Platform Kit provides unparalleled 6 Degree of Freedom performance to a wide range of custom platform geometries that cannot be matched by standard off-the-shelf products.

Hardware designers can customize the motion envelope to suit their application, electrical designers can omit high voltage transformers and infrastructure, and software designers will enjoy the response time and feature set of the fully integrated motion control.


6 Degrees of Freedom
Wide Range of Base and Top Geometries
350kg Payload
300mm Actuator Stroke
48V Battery Compatible

Kit Contents

6 Orca 15-48V Intelligent Linear Motors
6 Pneumatic ‘Gravity Deletion’ Addons
SuperEagle Motion Controller
6DoF Kinematic Controller Software
Pneumatic Controller
Reference Design CADs and Bill of Materials

Fast, Flexible Kinematics

One Kit, Endless Geometries

Designers can control the layout of motors to achieve the optimal motion envelope for their application, knowing the kinematic math is already solved and ready to run with ultra low latency. Entering the measurements of the motor mounting location is all that’s needed to realize a new geometry. 

VR integrators know how important ultralow latency is. The SuperEagle Motion Controller’s cores provide that quickness. 

4110 HzThat’s how many times the forward and inverse kinematics and washouts are resolved per-second.
<2 ms The latency, including communications and calculations for all 6 motor is kept below 2 milliseconds.
±0.1 mmThe accuracy on surge, sway, and heave is very high.

Our Kit, Your Final Design

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

Built with Iris Dynamics’ Orca Series linear motors, Raven-6D is a reference design that allows development of Stewart platforms for simulation, training or teleoperation applications that can be customized to end user’s exact requirements. The Raven-6D Motion Platform Development Kit includes a reference mechanical design using six Orca15-48V linear motors, a SuperEagle motor controller, kinematic models, and bill of materials with recommended suppliers for all components needed to assemble the complete platform.

A man sits on a motion platform wearing a VR headset and handling a helicopter cyclic and collective.


What Iris Dynamics ProvidesIris Dynamics can provide assistance with the design and manufacturing of the
initial platform and assistance with the integration of Raven-6D with the end
user application. Once initial design is finalized, Iris Dynamics will provide the full
design and manufacturing package to be produced in volume by the customer.
What Integrators Provide While Iris Dynamics does not provide complete platform manufacturing services
or design of the final application (such as simulation software), Iris Dynamics is
establishing a network of integrators that can provice manufacturing and
integration services on top of the Raven-6D development kit.
What Platform Designers Provide End users provide an overall design for the final application. This design will dictate
the geometry of the platform and how the simulation software will be developed. A
training simulation application may have a different design to an immersive
entertainment application – Raven-6D can be used for both.

Superior Linear Motor Technology

Extremely Quiet

No gears or spinning parts, just high
performance IGUS bushings and stainless
steel shafts. Less noise in the system
means less ambient noise experinced by
the rider.

Low Voltage

Forget about high voltage, high wattage infrastructure. Kits support a 48 V battery and 300 W charger. Both can be plugged into a standard wall outlet

Integrated Force Sensing

Each Orca Series motor is force sensing,
meaning simulation rider movement can be
fed back into the simulation, increasing

Long Lifetime

Built to outlast and outperform ballscrew
actuators. Reliable components means less
maintenence required for Raven-6D.

Integrated Control

The freely-positionable Orca Series motor is
made rigid by tight integrated control loops.

Integrated Sensors

Contactless position sensing accuracy
below 1 mm, contactless force sensing
accuracy below 10 grams. Scan rate over 3

High Power Efficiency

Optimized magnetic geometries and high quality components keep the platform power draw and temperatures low, allowing for longer run times.

Supported Industries


Land, sea, and air vehicles manoeuvres training. etc…


Theme park attractions, flight and racing simulation, etc…

Sensor Stabilisation

Camera or weapons sensor stabilisation platforms. etc….

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