Iris Dynamics and Aircraft Spruce Introduce Virtual Reality Flight Yoke System at Sun ‘n Fun 2016

Iris Dynamics, Aircraft Spruce Introduce VR Flight Yoke System

DragonflyVR Brings Realistic Ground Vibrations, Flight Control Forces, Special Effects And Haptics To Flight Simulation

The introduction of the DragonflyVR Flight Yoke System and the appointment of Aircraft Spruce & Specialty as the worldwide distributor for Iris Dynamics products. The company said in a news release that the DragonflyVR Flight Yoke System brings exceptional physical realism to flight simulation for both consumer and professional applications. Virtual effects such as texture, flight control forces (also known as control loading), turbulence caused by the extension of landing gear or flaps, stall buffeting, touchdown jolts and weather effects are supported when using commonly available simulation software and system provides realistic implementation of aircraft trim control. “The DragonflyVR Flight Yoke System is transforming how people experience yokes and our innovative new yoke system is dramatic … once you experience it, you will never go back,” said Patrick McFadden, president of Iris Dynamics. “Our distribution partner, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, has a world. They sell an extensive line of flight simulation equipment and they provide prompt shipping and local support. We are excited to work with them as we launch this breakthrough new product at Sun ‘n Fun 2016.” The DragonflyVR Flight Yoke System consists of the IDL 300-020 Flight Yoke Handle and the IDL and will be available to order from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty at Sun ‘n Fun.

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