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Rehabilitation and Force Feedback

Haptics offer information about touch, while force feedback is the ability of receptors in our organs to perceive varying levels of force, which results in action by the musculoskeletal system. Physiological force feedback, for example, is essential when walking or running. Touch sensors on the soles of the feet along with the force feedback that the muscles, tendons, and tissues perceive dictate the pattern in which the musculoskeletal system will move. Thus, it is clear that in haptic mechanics, both physiologically and mechanically, force feedback is assumed to be an important part of the control system and compliance.[…]

Feature Highlight: Kinematic Controller

Orca Series linear motors come equipped with a kinematic controller which can generate shaft motion profiles given a target position and a travel time. 

To achieve the point-to-point shaft motion that requires the least amount of power, a linearly varying acceleration is ideal. Using the constraints along with linear algebra techniques, it is possible to derive a function of position over time. From there, the Orca Series motor’s position controller can take over and drive the shaft to follow that path.[…]

Feedback and Feedforward Control

Feedback is a term that most people are familiar with. It’s incorporated into many elements in daily life as well as an important tool for ensuring that our systems are performing as we expect them to. A common example is the thermostat in your home. It senses the air temperature in the room and turns the heat on if it falls too low. When the air warms up, it turns the heat source off. The air temperature provides the feedback in this system and it allows a thermostat to effectively regulate the temperature of our homes without ever directly measuring anything at the heat source itself. […]

Electric Motor Efficiency and Phase Counts

Efficiency improvements to PMDC motors are welcome as energy costs rise and applications like electric cars and factory automation strive to do more with less. The optimization discussed finds improvements to efficiency and of electric motors by changing the way they are both constructed and driven.[…]

Magnetic Force Feedback

Magnetic force feedback is the next evolution of force feedback control and is being developed by Iris Dynamics. The Core Technology being an electromagnetic control system that manipulates magnetic fields to control position, acceleration and most importantly the force of an actuator.[…]

Silence In Robotic Actuators & Systems

The electrical hum and resonant vibrations of robotic systems can be extremely disruptive to users and applications, especially if it is a prolonged exposer. Despite continuous advances in actuator technology, there are very few systems that can claim to be silent. Silent actuators are especially valuable in areas where noise either reduces operator concentration, eliminates immersion in a virtual environment, interferes with sensitive applications or instruments, or just adds to an already noisy work environment. There is a constant drive to innovate in the world of robotics, and a system that can operate silently will always be more impressive and sought after than one that cannot. […]

What is Force Feedback?

To put it simply, force feedback is the simulation of real-world physical touch, while in a simulated environment such as virtual reality (VR), by way of motorized motion or resistance. Most people are familiar with force feedback through video game controllers, such as steering wheels or pedals, and other devices such as flight simulator joysticks. But the usefulness of the technology extends far beyond gaming. […]

VR Immersion for Training and Entertainment

The world of virtual reality (VR) has been touted as the next big thing in the computing space for decades. The promise of a true VR immersion environment has been made by many different inventors and entrepreneurs, however this is still to materialise. The visual side of virtual reality has been consistently improving each year with higher fidelity graphics pushing the limitations of hardware as soon as it’s released.  […]

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